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I am an experienced direct marketer who is now perusing a graduate degree in Entertainment Business with a concentration in Sports Management and a master's degree in Internet Marketing.  One day soon I will be a Director of Social Media Marketing for a major sports organization.   I am avid runner who in the next 6 months will run at 2 full marathons and 3 half marathons and that doesn't include the training runs. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Are the risks of endurance sports worth it?

During a triathlon in New York last weekend two people died during the swim portion of the event.  News like this from NBC Sports always starts the conversation around the risks associated with endurance sports. With an increase in the number of participants each year in endurance events like Triathlons, Ironman’s and Marathons the news stories of injuries and deaths has had a far higher focus in the media.  Runners and triathletes understand the risks associated with endurance sports.  They sign waivers indicating that they understand the risk.  And we can't forget that the original marathoner, the courier, Pheidippides, died after running over 25 miles to deliver the news of victory at the Battle of Marathon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tour de Pain - Are you fit or insane?

Want to test your fitness or you sanity level, put the Tour de Pain on your race list next year.

August 5th and 6th in Jacksonville, Florida a local running store put on a race to prove if you are fit or insane.   Three races in 24 hours, in August in Florida.  After running the last race I can honestly say that I questioned my own sanity.  Over 1000 participants came out to run all 3 races and to claim the Tour de Pain medial at the end.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The running addiction

If you're not a runner you may not understand what the addiction is.  If you are not a runner you do not understand why people run for 26.2 miles, for 6 straight hours.  If you are not a runner you don't know what it is like to push through "the wall". Running is an addiction.