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I am an experienced direct marketer who is now perusing a graduate degree in Entertainment Business with a concentration in Sports Management and a master's degree in Internet Marketing.  One day soon I will be a Director of Social Media Marketing for a major sports organization.   I am avid runner who in the next 6 months will run at 2 full marathons and 3 half marathons and that doesn't include the training runs. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pulling up the back at the Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon

At this weekends race I knew I was not going to PR frankly I hadn't trained for a half marathon since my lovely bruised ribs had sidelined me since April. I went out that morning with a plan one I knew I could easily stick to, one I came 1 minute off from. My plan was a nice and easy training run of 13 miles on part of the Boston Marathon Course. I planned to take full advantage of my entry and what they call Heartbreak Hill. 

The attached is a great account of what happens at all races when the elite finishers are done and go home. I've been on a course for just 2:30 minutes and as long as 3:54 mins (my favorite race yet thanks to a man dressed as a frog). For everyone who isn't a runner go watch a race and see the effort of those at the front and those at the back, it's exactly the same. Everyone is covering the same distance 13 miles, 3 miles, 6 miles or 26.2. For some the push is harder, it's their first race, it's hotter 3 hours after a start or their minds are telling their able bodies to stop. Regardless everyone on an open course should be treated with the same, the entry fee is the same if you run 13 under 50 mins or 3:30. 

We must have been around the writer when the car came through because my experience was exactly the same. Honestly I am surprised that no one got hurt as that car was flying and weaving in and out.  

I can say one thing about this race that I haven't been able to in a long time because I've been so focused on a finishing time (pacing or not), I had a wonderful time. For me it was running in Boston, it was spending time with a friend and it was finishing 5 weeks after a fall that had side railed me and it was finishing with one inspiring women, Ironman Sarah Reinertsen. 

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